Genomics plc scores $30m to expand patient-centric health platform

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Oxford, UK-based Genomics plc has completed a $30m funding round, which the company will use to expand its work on its patient-centric, population health platform.

The funding round included significant investments from life sciences investors Foresite Capital and F-Prime Capital, with existing backers Oxford Sciences Innovation and Lansdowne Partners also participating.

Genomics plc uses large-scale genetic information to develop precision healthcare tools, working within the new area of genomic prevention.

Genomic prevention allows for personalised estimates of risk for common diseases, ahead of actual disease manifestation.

This enables targeted interventions and tailored screening to either prevent disease entirely or to catch it early when outcomes remain favourable.

“We are delighted to be supported by leading life sciences investors who share our vision. We have known for over 50 years that genetics plays a key role in risk for all the common chronic diseases and cancers, and now we have a robust way to calculate that risk,” said Sir Peter Donnelly, co-founder and chief executive officer of Genomics plc.

“This new approach to healthcare, called genomic prevention, can identify people at risk for developing each disease early, and is critical to driving more efficient screening and a prevention first approach to healthcare. More successful disease prevention will improve patient lives and make healthcare systems more sustainable,” he added.

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