Call for your Fierce Biotech Fierce 15 nominations for 2021


Now in our nineteenth year, Fierce Biotech is once again seeking your nominations for the best, most exciting and innovative private biotechs. Last year, we wanted to see more COVID-19 companies on the list, but this year there is a return to normality, and we will be happy to accept nominations from across all target areas.

We do, however, want to see more diversity in our nominees; cancer and rare disease dominate the Fierce 15, and for good reasons. However, we want to see more innovation in mental health, heart disease and infectious diseases, all of which are major killers and hugely impact people’s lives but are too often neglected in biopharma pipelines.

If you or a client’s team is working in these areas, please do come forward. (But that doesn’t mean we still don’t want to hear from genuinely innovative oncology and rare disease biotechs.)

The small print for nominations: Companies must be private and thus not have gone through an IPO. They must be pre-commercial, can be preclinical or clinical, and can be anywhere from stealth to as high as a series E (or Z) funding round.

There is no confirmation email about your nomination, but, rest assured, we see them all, read them all and consider each carefully. You can send your nominees until Monday, Aug. 2, when the nominations close. Winners will contacted directly and will be announced on the Fierce Biotech site in early fall.

Please fill in the form below and good luck. Any extra questions, send me an email.

Ben Adams, Fierce Biotech


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